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Background to Coaching

I completed a personal and business coaching course at the Coaching Academy in London and added to my skills by learning about the principals and practice of Feng Shui. Unlike hypnotherapy or counselling, coaching focuses almost entirely on the present and future.  In the first instance the goal, structure and outcomes are discussed so that a framework can agreed and organised.  Typically a client may want to work on career aspirations, life direction or even how to go about dating. It is also not uncommon for someone to use a coach as a sounding board to create clarity in their life or even to become ‘unstuck’.  Coaching is all about actions and between appointments a follow up email, with an overview of the session along with the agreed actions, will be sent to the client.  I frequently use timeline and NLP when coaching and where appropriate, will integrate Feng Shui to cement and manifest desired outcomes.  Also if a client hits a real wall, for example being unable to overcome a negative belief system, then I can draw on my hypnotherapy or theta tools to release those imprints.  Further information about Feng Shui follows:

The Art of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is the ancient art of balancing the immediate environment to create harmony and good fbagua-map[1]ortune for the individual. It literally means wind and water and although it was developed over 3000 years ago it is still extremely popular today, particularly with large institutions in China.  There are many aspects to this discipline including; decluttering, identifying energy flow, choosing appropriate colours and perhaps most important of all; setting positive intention with the placement of specific objects.

I completed Feng Shui training with the celebrated and gifted Robert Gray who was the Director and founder of the Feng Shui Acadamy. Sadly Robert died in 2013. I like to use the Feng Shui during coaching because it can strengthen resolve, remove obstructions and distractions, cement intentions, but also ensure people choose goal(s) that are balanced and create a harmonious future.  Importantly it is fun and I know that people, including myself are much more like to carry an action out if it is light hearted. I use Feng Shui in my own home and I think it enhances my feeling of well-being as well as my luck. You can use the ‘Bagua’ (energy template) on the whole house or you can just use it in one room.  Why not try it out in your living room? Standing at the door, on your far right is the ‘Relationship’ corner and on your left is the ‘Money’ corner.  Make sure both space are clear of clutter and resembles ‘flourishing’.  According to ancient wisdom the relationship corner should have two complementary items such as two animals which could be in a picture or perhaps two candles? and in your money corner you could place a few coins, healthy plant or a money tree.  Don’t worry if you have a television or bookcase in one of the corners; as long as you have placed an object to denote your desire. This system is based on the ‘three dog gate’ rather than the compass method but both are equally effective.

If you are interested please call me to find out more or book a block of sessions to reach that desired goal.

*Results vary from individual to individual