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EFT – Tapping Technique

Tap your way to Positive Change with EFTeft-tapping-chart

EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a healing tool that involves tapping on the end of the meridian points in the body and at the same time verbalising the condition or issue that requires change. Probably like some of you I was cynical about what this very simple technique could achieve, but heartened by many excellent reports as well as my belief in the merits of reflexology, I chose to train in EFT methodology with Tania Prince.  Now I frequently use it in my hypnotherapy practice as well as on myself.  One of the most amazing results I experienced was my own recovery from carpal tunnel syndrome which is a very physical condition that restricts blood flow to the hands. I would encourage any of you to visit www.emofree.com and learn more about it.  While it is possible to learn how to do it yourself, I think it most effective when you work with a trained professional to show you the areas to tap on as well as the language that initiates healing or change.

In my opinion it is possible to work on any concern for example from losing weight to “I can’t make up my mind what to do”. However my preferred way of working is to use it in conjunction with other tools such as hypnotherapy or coaching so that the maximum benefits are created. Also teaching my clients EFT is a wonderful way to reinforce the change they have already experienced in private sessions.

*Results vary from individual to individual