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Hypnosis & Past Lives

Finding out about Past Lives and Lives between lives with Hypnotherapy

Past Life Regression has fascinated many and there have been many studies into the phenomenon with very convincing stories. I think it is useful to keep an open mind but it is not necessary for someone to believe in such ahistory thing in order for them to gain some usefulness in undertaking a past life regression. It has been my experience that whether there has been a past life or whether the mind finds a corollary, the client can find a metaphor or meaning in what the mind construes in another reality. In order to gain maximum benefit I encourage the client to be clear about their intent before commencing a past life regression. Such intents might include exploring a time when there was talent or ability that could be expressed prior to this life time, or examining a time that was relevant to a block in one’s present. Another useful thing to do is to go ‘the life between life’ to find out what the motivators were and what life lessons we hoped to learn in this life time. It is also possible to explore the future. If it is not quite what one hoped for because we should be reminded that we can always change our path. It is not set in stone.

*Results vary from individual to individual