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Hypnotherapy and Emotions

emotionHypnotherapy to Balance Emotions

Clearly it is a broad subject. Someone can be struggling with overwhelming emotions due to recent loss or a difficult breakup. Other kinds of issues include jealousy, dealing with disappointment, regret or even feelings of abandonment.

How can Hypnotherapy help?  First of all going into a relaxed state immediately calms the emotions because it distances the client from their issue. This distance gives the much needed space (where appropriate) to fully explore their situation and gives insight into the connections between their perceptions and feelings. Importantly this state also gives the mind the opportunity to consider other perspectives which transforms feelings and gives a sense of balance to the client.  Sometimes a client needs to review the past in order to make sense of their present and in some instances will clarify where certain beliefs came from and give them a chance to alter a belief system so that it can serve them in a better way.   Confidence building and ego strengthening is usually woven into the session so that afterwards the client typically feels refreshed and calm.

A session always involves time for the client to tell their story because ‘being heard’ and understood is an important part of the process. Everyone is unique and each person will differ in how long they take to do inner work*. Sometimes one session is enough, while others benefit from a number of sessions.

*Results may vary from individual to individual