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Hypnotherapy for Gambling or Addictive Behaviour

Overcoming Bad Habits and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders

Many of us have bad habits such as eating too much or perhaps nail biting but some habits become addictive for example addiction to chocolate while others include behaviours such as gambling, recreational use ofgambling machine drugs or even addiction to the internet.  Then are some addictions that fall in to the category of obsessive compulsive disorders for example frequent hand washing or compulsively checking that a car is locked or plugs switched off. Another is hair pulling which can leave bald patches causing further distress to the individual concerned.

While hypnotherapy is helpful in rewiring the brain*, it is the duty of any responsible hypnotherapist to assist in identifying the root of the problem so that they can help their client to face and resolve issues. Over indulgence in drink may be the result of an unhappy marriage or feeling stuck in an unrewarding job. Gambling addiction may accompany debt problems while unnecessary checking may follow trauma such as unfair judgement at work.

Hypnotherapy uses a variety of tools but in addition to aversion therapy (which can be used in some instances) i.e. gambling it can offer new alternative behaviours so that new pathways or neural circuits can be forged in the brain to increase the potentiality of eliminating the problem. In the case of hair pulling it is possible to suggest that when there is a rise in tension, the client automatically tweaks their ear or clenches their fist; thereby successfully eliminating the need to pull their hair.

*Results may vary from individual to individual