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Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Improving Confidence and Self Esteem

Hypnotherapy for confidence is one of the most common reasons people seek a hypnotherapist. Typically people ‘lose’ confidence after a trauma or having to endure a difficult relationship at work or at home.  Happily even after one hypnotherapy session clients report feeling uplifted and positive about themselves and their circumstances.  What is self confidence? Self confidence is in the main a combination of three things namely;

  1. Self belief; believing in your own self worth and that you have something to offer
  2. Physical composure as you carry out your desired action
  3. Technical expertise (if required) for example knowing the outline for a speech or being able to swing a golf club the right way

2Hypnotherapy is an amazing tool to achieve all three of those desires because it works on a number of levels and it works quickly. Take for example someone who is apprehensive about socialising. First and foremost hypnotherapy teaches someone to relax physically. This is so important because it is so much easier to learn how to do something in the absence of stress and anxiety. The next step is check about barriers to success and this may be the time when it becomes apparent there is a part of self that does not believe they are worthy. The hypnotherapist assists the client to communicate with the part and through both dialogue and relating to the part, will help to remove the false belief system.

Finally the client will learn how to reduce the fear element by imagining a scenario where they watch themselves interacting with another at a social gathering. This is a lot less scary than having to actually doing it! This teaches the brain to become familiar with what they want to do. It is known as systematic desensitisation and it has proved highly effective both with and without hypnosis. The client will also discover that they are keen to practise being at a social event and that any foreboding has disappeared. Hypnotherapist and client, who is still in hypnosis, then work together to ensure that the experience of being at a social event is both rewarding and pleasurable.*

*Results may vary from individual to individual