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Hypnotherapy & Exam Nerves

Helping to overcome Exam Nerves with Hypnotherapy

There are a number of ways a hypnotherapist can help someone overcome exam nerves. Firstly there is something called state dependent memory which means that we recall information much more easily if we are in the same state as when we put the information in. Therefore it is important that I assist my client to not only be calm and rexamselaxed when they are learning new information but also they are in a similar relaxed state during the actual exam. Secondly there are accelerated learning methods such as colour coding, acronyms and visual methods to make retaining information easier. Teaching time distortion is another method which will expand time and creating anchors will give extra support to maintain focus when it is most needed.

Imagine how you feel the day after you sat your exam? It’s a lot better isn’t it, especially when you studied regularly and adequately. I am able to use that feeling and suggest you take that feeling into the exam with you.

Written exams are just one of things I help people with. Other examples include music exams or having to sit a driving test. Using virtual reality is a central part of the process and associating a calm state with a focussed state of concentration to those events can significantly reduce stress so that the client can do their very best on the day. Often one session is adequate*, so much so that someone can really look forward to ‘shining’ on their special day.

*Results vary from individual to individual