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Hypnotherapy for Insomnia

tirednessTackling Insomnia or Lack of Sleep with Hypnotherapy

Insomnia is a common problem and ongoing inability to sleep can have serious consequences on one’s mental and physical health. It is not uncommon for there to be underlying issues rather than just worry about not being able to sleep. Other causes can be work shift patterns or having to get up for an elderly parent or child. Hypnotherapy offers the opportunity to search for the underlying cause and confront the problem before making direct suggestions to ‘hang up one’s worries’ or shut down the work files before going to sleep or descending down a staircase in one’s mind to the sleep room. In one interesting case the subject had a part of themselves that ‘didn’t want to miss out on anything while sleeping’ so before making a direct suggestion to go to sleep the part needed to understand that failure to switch off meant it was missing out on important things during the day.* It is amazing what beliefs we can form that are not in our best interest!

Useful Tip: When you can’t get to sleep try keeping your eye lids open and look backwards and upwards, maintaining that as long as you can. This is the law of reversed effect. Often we try too hard to get back to sleep so doing the opposite can sometimes do the trick!

*Results may vary from individual to individual