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Hypnotherapy for Sports

Improving Sports Performance with Hypnotherapy

Sports psychology including hypnotherapy techniques have long been used in professional sports to incresportsase performance with outstanding results.* Wayne Rooney repeatedly uses ‘skull practice’ to pre-empt his opponents and Andy Murry would not travel without his team of sports coaches including sport’s psychologist. British athletes used the ‘monkey in the box’ routine during the 2012 Olympics ensuring that any negative chatter was firmly locked away.  Hypnotherapy can use all these techniques along with NLP and trance states to maximise the potential of any professional or non-professional sports person. I have helped many professionals including those who have had an injury and lost their edge. Another common problem is not being able to let go of a dart properly or adopting a poor swing of a club.

Creating the effective inner coach and dialogue is another aspect of excellent sports coaching and helps with not only motivation but ensures there is continual upward progress. I am sure you have noticed professional tennis players develop all sorts of useful personal habits and mantras to keep them on track when times are tough.

*Results may vary from individual to individual