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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

3Reducing Weight with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy for weight loss is a complex issue, however hypnotherapy can be a highly effective tool in removing bad habits and installing good eating habits.*  It may seem it is a simple matter of reducing food intake and upping the exercise regime but the reasons people eat are very varied and not necessarily connected to hunger at all. Indeed many complain that they are not even aware of hunger pangs.  Food can be a comfort; it can help reduce anxiety; offer a distraction, increase sociability and of course produce pleasure. Secondary gain also comes into the picture as there can be pay-offs for not losing weight for example it can provide protective cover for not taking the exercise, looking for work or going on that all important date. The client, unaware of the links, may require help to overcome these insecurities so that they can take action and lose weight they want, thereby fulfilling their desires.

Hypnotherapy can help with weight loss by:

  • Identifying underlying causes
  • Dealing with and repair fear based issues
  • Altering bad habits and install good habits
  • Using aversion on certain foods
  • Identifying future goals
  • Increasing confidence and feelings of well-being
  • Creating motivation and reigniting passion for life

For the best outcome and to reinforce good eating habits I recommend 4 sessions. We eat every day and are constantly subjected to various temptations so installing a new healthy eating regime is ideally taken over a 8 to 12 week programme. The weight reduction programme is an investment in your health and more importantly it is fun!

*Results may vary from individual to individual