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Hypnotherapy Stop Smoking

4Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a very quick and simple way to get rid of the unwanted habit of smoking.  In a relaxed state it is possible to identify if there are any underlying issues attached to the cigarette which are more than just an addiction to nicotine.  Examples of reasons why people struggle to let go of cigarettes are typically concern about putting on weight, boredom or feelings of nervousness or anxiety.  During treatment I am careful to address those problems and help the creative mind find new ways to deal with those issues so that people respond differently making new healthy choices. In hypnosis aversion techniques  are used so that individuals discover they find smoking unpleasant and do not want to pick up a cigarette.

Post hypnotic suggestions are also used so after the session so that a client will find they have better coping strategies to deal with life and specifically will automatically breather more deeply in situations where they previously became tense or stressed.

One session is sufficient to stop smoking* although if anyone smokes within 3 days of a therapy session then another session is offered free of charge. In my experience if it rare for anyone to need the free additional session.  If you require more information please call me for a fuller explanation

Cost per Treatment is £120

*Results vary from individual to individual