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MCCH Hypnotherapy Training Courses in Edinburgh

manc_college-CoachingBackground on the MCCH and Training Course Dates

MCCH or (The Manchester College of Coaching & Hypnotherapy) offers accredited professional hypnotherapy training courses in Edinburgh. The College aims to give you sound theoretical principles in addition to receiving practical-based experience and prides itself on a high trainer-student ratio and offers flexible training opportunities. The 9 module Practitioner course is validated externally by the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council  www.ghsc.co.uk, The International Hypnotherapy Association, http://www.ihahypnotherapy.com and the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis, http://www.bsch.org.uk and internally by the International Institute of Professional Coaches and Hypnotherapists, http://www.iipch.co.uk   Please see course dates at end of page.

The first 4 modules, known as the Certificate , cover the background principles and processes of hypnotherapy, thereby providing a sold framework for further learning. On the successful completion of the course you will receive a CCH.  This will enable you to offer stress management, directive therapy surrounding issues of confidence, weight and smoking, in addition to teaching clients self- hypnosis. You will also receive a life coaching certificate which is internally validated.

You will then be encouraged to complete the further 5 modules which is known as the Diploma course which contains no less than 70 classroom hours and together with the certificate will have a combined classroom time of 120 hours, excluding meal and refreshment breaks. The essential components of the Diploma are: resolving emotional traumas, regression including past life regression, fears and phobias and addictions. The course also covers a wide variety of subjects including; skin disorders, child birth, dyslexia, gut directed therapy, lucid dreaming and many others. The DCH will be awarded on satisfactory attendance and a 70% pass mark in both the practical and theoretical exam along with successful submission of 3 case studies.

A group of businesspeople discussing work during a meetingThe Practitioner Course is open to all but it is most suited to those who have a natural ability to build rapport with others, and who want to help people make a positive change in their life. As a graduate of the college you will be able to get insurance and apply to register with a number of institutions including the GHSC. If you are interested please email me to ask for the brochure. You should also visit www.mcchtraining.co.uk for more information about the college.

If you are interested in any courses in 2021 please email hazel@hypnotherapyinedinburgh.co.uk indicating your interest to ensure your place.  There will be an opportunity for you to experience hypnosis and the techniques employed by the College.

A diploma is currently taking place and will complete in September 2021. The Autumn Practitioner course is now accepting registrations.

2021 Certificate in Clinical Hypnotherapy & Certificate in Life Coaching (8 days)
15th, 16th, 17th October
6th, 7th November
26th, 27th, 28th November

Cost £825

2022 Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (5 weekends)
15th, 16th January
29th, 30th January
12th, 13th February
26th, 27th February
12th, 13th March

Cost £1100

Payment can be made per training weekend at a cost of £10 supplement per weekend. Students can pay by direct debit, credit card or cheque.