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Hypnotherapy & Gastric Band

images gastric bandVirtual Gastric Band and Weight Loss

Using the Gastric Band method has been extremely popular in recent years and it offers the opportunity without the dangers of surgery to go through the process of having the stomach shrunk. Where the client has serious weight issues, the advice of a doctor should be sought prior to treatment. ‘Virtual reality’ is highly effective* in all kinds of hypnotherapy treatments but I recommend, in addition to carrying out the gastric band, there is a holistic approach to weight loss so that the client can explore what life will be like without over-eating and what benefits they will derive having lost the weight. Often it is useful to include confidence building or life coaching to the programme for much needed support to the client over a number of months.

Please note anyone who wishes to lose weight can take advantage of the virtual gastric band and it can be used at any stage of the process. Decisions do not have to be made on a first appointment.

*Results vary from individual to individual