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Mind-Body Healing

Mind-Body Healing – The Quantum Effect

how your mind can healI believe there are many ways to assist the healing processes of the body including the usefulness of conventional medicine. Using creative visualisation is fundamental to hypnotherapy and I was both taught and believe that an image acts like an instruction to the mind and the body.   The power of the mind-body connection has been highlighted in the work of David R Hamilton, a scientist and pharmacologist who has written a number of books including “How your mind heals your body”.  In this book David recounts a large number of true stories of how using this process has played a significant role in the lives of those who have had a variety of diseases including cancer, autoimmune deficiencies, chronic pain, and heart conditions. He is not advocating to use these in isolation but to integrate the process whilst still receiving treatment from the NHS.   All of the people in the book developed their own visualisations – however David, with his comprehensive understanding of science, has produced a number of visualisations tailored for specific conditions as well as designing unique visualisations to alter vibrations at the quantum field level.

I have frequently asked people to choose an area within their own body that they experience as in excellent health, then to get a sense of the vibration within that area so that it can spread to all areas of their body. In my own case I had a mole that was mutating below my eye and my doctor organised a visit to a skin specialist such was his concern about the possibility of cancer. I identified the vibration below the other eye and told the cells to communicate to the rogue cells below the other eye to change – I also told them that they knew how they felt before the change started. In addition I imagined my skin smooth and healthy.  By the time I visited the specialist my mole skin was healthy and the mole has almost disappeared.  I got a clean bill of health.  Of course I don’t know it was ever cancer but I felt so much more empowered by using these techniques.*

I encourage anyone to read David’s book and to also use the combined power of visualisation and hypnotherapy to access the innate healing power of the mind-body connection. Ernest Rossi (who I trained with) also writes extensively of the same phenomenon in his book the ‘Psychobiology of mind-body healing; New Concepts of Therapeutic Hypnosis’.

Hypnosis does not guarantee any cures or healing.  *Results or responses vary from individual to individual