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Summer Blues

Summer  for most people means balmy days and wonderful outings but for some it presents all sorts of worries.  Fear of wasps or bees is a common phobia and for the sufferer may mean that they are scared to go outside.  Hypnotherapy can, even within one session liberate the client so that their feelings are completely transformed.

Another common fear is fear of flying. Everyone wants to look forward to holidays but being anxious about boarding an aircraft can really take the joy and enthusiasm out of what should be a great experience.

Desensitisation is the technique employed for phobias. During a trance state an ideo-motor response is activated so that the unconscious mind can communicate.  Once established the hypnotherapist gets in touch with the part that is responsible for the fear and then dissociates the part so that the client distances themselves from the problem. The hypnotherapist then slowly introduces the stimulus whether it be the planes or wasps so that the client can watch themselves in a variety of situations. In the case of a fear of wasps for example then the wasp would be very far away from themselves or the person would be watching themselves getting on to an aircraft. When the part is integrated, it is explained that the integrated self can experience what has just been witnessed but that this time the part can communicate through the finger as to whether it feels more comfortable in the situations. Gradually confidence is built up until the client is satisfied that they are now comfortable with the stimulus.  This technique can be carried out very successfully within one session.